Easy Ideas for Updating Your Home Decor

I know: You’re tired of looking at that same furniture arrangement. Or perhaps the wallcovering in the guest bathroom has seen better days. Maybe now is the very best time to give your space a fresh new lift! Here are a few decorating ideas that you should consider.

Liven up a dull floor plan.

Try rearranging what you already own! Sometimes moving furniture around a room or transferring pieces from one room to another makes a huge difference!

Find some new angles.

For your furniture, of course. Try moving your furniture into more interesting positions. Rather than the traditional line of furniture along the walls, try putting some sofas and armoires off corners. You’ll love the difference an angle can make!

Light up your world.

If your room seems drab and dull, perhaps your lighting could use a facelift. Consider replacing an old shade or installing new wall fixtures. Perhaps adding some new lamps will brighten up your world.

Ask yourself: What do you really like?

If you’re unsure, then we suggest you review design books and home decorating magazines. When you find a photograph of a room that you really like, spend some time analyzing what it is that attracts you to that design.

Start a redecorating notebook.

Save pictures of your favorite rooms and favorite things. Make some notes as you study these photos. Ask yourself: why do I like this room? What would I change? How do the fabrics, colors, and textures make me feel? By including the answers to these questions in your notebook, you’ll not only save yourself a lot of valuable time, but your design professional will be thrilled with the thought you’ve given to your upcoming project.

Set a realistic project budget and 
completion timetable.

If you have a special upcoming event that’s inspired you to redecorate, then it’s important that the entire process start in enough time to meet your deadline. And I know that money is often a challenging topic, but knowing your budget really helps your design professional help you.

Identify your focal point.

Is it a fireplace, a beautiful view, a bed or an armoire? Your room arrangement should surround your focal point. Pulling furniture into attractive groups in the center of the room will not only add warmth to your room, but will be inviting to guests as well.

What’s your theme?

Selecting a theme for your room says something about you and your family. It also provides you with a way to display collections, themed items, or arts and crafts. Once your theme has been selected, you’ll be surprised how your choices and shopping decisions will be simplified.

Wake up your room with color!

For instant impact, nothing beats adding color to a room. To find the right color for you, find something you adore in a color that makes you happy. Once your color decision is made, fabrics, upholstery, artwork and accessory selections will be a snap!

Everyone deserves to be able to say, “No matter what kind of day I’ve had, when I come home I feel happy and uplifted.” Call your Decorating Den Interiors design professional today! We are in Charlotte and the surrounding areas. Contact us at 704-807-7095.