Eco-Commute 4

Our daily commute involves a dreaded routine: we wait in a line of exhaust to glug overpriced gasoline into our cars, barraged by attendant small talk and the honk of rush hour traffic behind us. But what if you could zip your car to and from the office without ever stopping to fill ‘er up?

With the T8 family of Volvo cars, you can.

“T8 Volvos are capable of going up to 15 miles on purely electric power, so owners with short commutes have the option of using no gas at all,” says Greg Simons, General Sales Manager of Volvo Cars Charlotte. These fuel-efficient and electric-powered SUVs, including the  XC60 and XC90, have all the dynamism of an SUV in an environmentally-friendly package.

“All of Volvo’s US offerings are powered by versions of the 2.0 Drive-E and offer the high fuel economy expected of a smaller displacement 4-cylinder combined with excellent, real-world performance,” explains Simons. “The T8 versions of the XC60, XC90, and S90 use an electric motor powering the rear wheels, in addition to the turbocharged and supercharged gas engine powering the front wheels, for a total of 400 horsepower. In normal driving, the electric motor complements the gas engine, providing increased performance and fuel economy.”

The XC90, Volvo’s midsize SUV, has long been popular among daily drivers and enthusiasts alike, prompting the company to redesign their compact SUV, the XC60, to mirror its bigger brother. Sleek design and eco-friendly elements combine in this family of fuel-efficient SUVs. | 704.563.1000

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