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Blackhawk Hardware’s 
Recommendations for Spring Gardening

Spring has officially sprung, and that means the garden gurus at Blackhawk Hardware’s Garden Center are busy helping folks plant, preen and prune all season long. We tapped Lawn & Garden manager Wade Goode and Garden Center assistant manager Emily Galloway to share their picks for the growing season ahead.

+ Step 2 Garden Hopper 
Excellent for tool storage, and provides a mobile, lightweight, comfortable place to sit or kneel while gardening. $47.99

+ Espoma Fertilizers
’Plant-Tone’ and others in this line are outstanding organic granular fertilizers that can be mixed directly into the top layer of soil. Starting at $11.99

+ Zero-G Garden Hose
Ultra lightweight, easy to store and carry. Resists kinks, punctures, and abrasion. It’s the only hose we use in our Garden Center. Starting at $34.99

+ Barebones Ulimate Tool 
Sturdy, stylish multi-use tool for gardeners with a rust-resistant double edged blade. Open ended sheath prevents soil-buildup. $59.99