Lifestyle Letter

Like so many strong women, I am but a product of the strong women before me, the ones who saw my spark and tended it to a flame. There was the middle school English teacher who saw past my test scores and shepherded me through her advanced course work. There were the internship mentors, who whispered, “You can too,” and “Do more.” There are my sisters, fearless and feisty and unequivocal go-getters.

And then there’s my mom. She taught me to be both soft and confident, honest and kind; she taught me the art of sweet talk and real talk alike; and she taught me to be wholly, unapologetically myself.

This is an issue dedicated to the women both in our lives and in our communities. Charlotte is a city where women reign—after all, we’re a city named for a queen—and this is an issue dedicated to all of them.

Cheers, ladies!