Guy's Night Out 3

Where to Eat, Drink & Be Merry with Your Buds

Sometimes, you just need a guy’s night out, a time to catch up with your buds over a couple of brews and a good meal. Now, we recognize that Charlotte is teeming with cool bars and eateries perfect for such a night, but the best outing requires a specific set of elements: a rustic brewery to ring in the night, a meaty meal to set the stomach, and an after-hours escape to wash it all down with a good cocktail.


Check, check and check. We’ve rounded up your itinerary for your next guy’s night out, drinks and dines included.

Begin the night at Plaza Midwood’s popular fledgling brewery, Resident Culture. The roomy, rustically industrial interior opens seamlessly onto the sprawling patio and beer garden via garage doors, so it feels like you’re drinking in a (much cooler) version of your man cave. There’s lots of IPAs on draft for you hop-heads, and for the adventurous imbibers, nose-tickling wild beers and sours from the coolship, Charlotte’s only open-air tank for spontaneous fermentation.

As every man knows, a night out on an empty stomach only leads to trouble. That means it’s time to head to your dinner destination, Kickstand Burger Bar, where the burgers are big—and so is the beer list. Just around the corner from your first stop, the Plaza Midwood gem does all things “craft”: beer (lots of local brews to choose from), cocktails (especially classics like a Dark and Stormy or Boulevardier), and burgers, which come with tons of build-your-own, stacked-high options.

After the dinner parties of yore, gentlemen would retreat to the library to drink fine liquor, smoke cigars, and pass hours in intellectual conversation. The Ritz-Carlton’s Punch Room harbors that feeling of old-world gentility with world-class cocktails. For something sweet, try one of their signature punches (hence the name), but they also do the classics. Feeling fancy? Try the The $400 Cocktail: Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac, Byrrh, Sassafras & Sorghum Bitters. All pair well with long conversations on the leather sofas.