Kings of the Queen City 5

Steve Onxley, Owner, Onxley Architecture

Charlotte is a beautiful city, and the architectural creations of Steve Onxley sit like perfect puzzle pieces in our skyline. His firm, Onxley Architecture, has garnered laudations for projects like Sovereign Grace Church and a preservation award for Central Elementary School in Albemarle. “I really enjoy helping a client realize their vision for their project and sharing the client’s delight in experiencing the beauty and proper utilization of their built space,” says the architect.

When Onxley isn’t busy shaping our skyline, he’s shaping the community that resides within it and the city that he loves through the Rotary, as a longtime member of the YMCA and an officer of Christ Covenant Church, and as the Charter Organization Representative for Trail Life USA Troop 413. When asked for advice, his words are simple, yet revelatory: “Put your family first in making decisions concerning where you should live and how you should play.”


Bob Morgan, President and CEO, Charlotte Chamber of Commerce

Like many Charlotteans, Bob Morgan is passionate about our city. But Morgan doesn’t just wear Panthers blue on Sundays and harbor a penchant for Price’s chicken, he’s actually helped shape the present and future of our city for the past 27 years. As President and CEO of the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce, Morgan has been instrumental in forging Charlotte’s path forward. “It’s been my home since I was 6 years old, and it has provided unbelievable opportunities for my family and me,” he says of his allegiance to the Queen City.

Morgan divides his time between the city, his family, and the giving back through the Boy Scouts of America. His sage words of wisdom are ones he’s followed himself as a hallmark in our community: “Be passionate about whatever it is you do.”


Winston Kelley, Executive Director, NASCAR Hall of Fame

In 2010, the NASCAR Hall of Fame chose Charlotte—and Executive Director Winston Kelley understands why. “The people here overwhelmingly have such a positive, can-do spirit and make up innumerable partnerships that exist throughout our community to make it such a special place to live and work,” he says.

Kelley gives back generously to the city he loves so much, through boards like the North Carolina Motorsports Foundation, North Carolina Motorsports Association and 600 Festival. He’s also been instrumental in establishing the new NASCAR Hall of Fame Education Foundation: “Our focus will be to leverage the strong STEM based educational programs we have at the NASCAR Hall of Fame and to raise funds to assist students with gaining a competitive edge that best equips them for life and drives their future success by providing them access to authentic educational opportunities at the Hall of Fame.”


Frank Aylward, Owner, Blue Haven Pools

“No matter what you do, personally and professionally, if you can take enjoyment from it and pride in it, you’ve found the secret to a life well lived.” So says Frank Aylward, owner of Blue Haven Pools. They’re words to live by for Aylward, who’s created both a living for his family and a booming business from his passion for pools. When asked about his favorite part of his job, for instance, he replies, “Seeing a plain, grass backyard transformed to a showplace with a spectacular pool. Large or small, adding a pool turns a yard into a vacation spot!”

Aylward loves Charlotte, its warm climate and Southern hospitality, and loves giving back to our city through donations to Shriners, local athletics, and firefighter and police associations. That sounds like a life well lived, indeed.