Take the Wheel 6

Living the Jeep Life with Chris Leddy

Me + My Jeep

2009 Jeep Wrangler X

Chris Leddy


Indian Land

Managing Attorney at Heritage Law Firm


When Florida native Chris Leddy moved to the Carolinas, he found his wife, Macy, lots of land to rove his Jeep, and a foundation for his practice, Heritage Law Firm.


“I chose Estate Planning/Administration and Elder Law because these areas of the law provide me the opportunity to make a positive difference for people,” Leddy expalins. “Everyone has an estate plan: you either get to decide how your assets are disposed (by either a will or trust) or the state gets to decide how your assets are disposed (through probate and intestacy).”


Off the job, it’s his Jeep that calls to Leddy. “When I was a kid, my parents bought me a toy red Jeep. My first Jeep was coincidentally a red 2006 Jeep Wrangler X,” he says. When his family grew (he recently welcomed a daughter), so did his Jeep. “It’s big enough for my entire family (three dogs included) and that I can take it anywhere. I’ve driven my Jeep on the beach, taken her out to Uwharrie, and I have no issue driving when the weather conditions aren’t easy.”



  1. Upgrade the stock tires (That’s actually my next project—sorry, Macy!).
  2. You don’t need anything too over-the-top: I’m planning on 35″ tires.
  3. Make sure you get all five and do a five-tire rotation every time.