There are 76 Northwestern Mutual managing partners; one of them is a veteran. Meet Richard Worrell. 

As a member of the United States Marine Corps, Worrell was based in North Carolina’s Camp Lejeune, a quick trip from his hometown of Charlotte. When Worrell left the service, he knew he wanted to return to the Queen City, and found himself uniquely qualified for the realm of financial services and financial planning. 

As a managing partner, Worrell is able to bring other veterans into the business, as well, and makes a point of doing so: last year alone they hired 17 veterans, their top three advisors are former military, and six West Point graduates have a position in the Charlotte firm. Veterans, Worrell notes, are special candidates because they garner a higher level of trust and integrity, not to mention the fortitude and tenacity gleaned from their time in the service. 

“Because of how challenging our business is to start, they have the ability to persevere over whatever road blocks are there. They also work very well as a team, so that’s really important in terms of their coachability,” he points out. “The intangibles they learn in the military translate very well.”

It’s not just financial services where veterans flourish, he says, but all businesses. “They learn servant leadership; their job is to serve others, and whatever career they’re going to go into, serving others is such an important aspect of it.” Through his position at Northwestern Mutual, as well as volunteering with Veterans Bridge Home, Worrell helps veterans navigate the tricky waters of post-military life and find a new place in the American fabric as civilians. 

Family is one of our core values, so it’s awesome to see young people find their career, have families of their own, and also take care of other families.

Richard Worrell, Managing Partner, Northwestern Mutual

6235 Morrison Boulevard | Charlotte, NC 28211