Perhaps you are looking for something unique, something that isn’t found in every store or on so many social media posts. But when you use your imagination for a decorating a kid’s room, the creative possibilities are endless. From custom bedding to hand-painted wall murals, you can dream up some fun and exciting possibilities for your little one’s room that can last well beyond infancy.

First, you may want to come up with a theme. If you know it’s a boy and your family loves camping, that’s a great theme. For a girl whose family loves animals, try a bird, butterfly, or jungle motif. What do you do if you are waiting to be surprised by your bundle of joy’s gender? How about something geometric that brings in pattern and movement? Or perhaps a theme based on color or a favorite children’s book?

You will be amazed at everything that is available today! Designer fabrics are available for customizing your baby’s room. There are hundreds of fabrics that we as interior decorators can offer that can be the room’s focal point and coordinate with existing designs in the home. Wallpaper is big now! Wallpaper and decals can be the design catalyst for an entire children’s room. Custom headboards can also be the spring board for a child’s room design with bold shapes, colors or cut outs.

When selecting colors for the nursery, it’s so easy to be tempted by those dreamy, gentle pastels. Remember, however, that babies love black and white, as well as bright primary colors. Of course, you will be spending many hours around the clock in that nursery, so be certain that you, as well as the baby, enjoy the outcome of the room.

No matter what themes or colors you choose in the nursery, you will spend some precious moments in there with your little one. These are memories that you’ll treasure for the rest of your life so, above all, put a lot of love into decorating it, and you will have created the perfect lullaby land for your baby.

Decorating Your Nursery

  • First Things First: Make it easy for you! Consider selecting a room in your home that’s close to your master bedroom. Pay attention to the direction your nursery faces. Sunlight streaming into your child’s room during most of the day or even streetlights beaming into your nursery during the evening might make sleeping a bit difficult.
  • Have Fun With Colors: While the most popular colors for nurseries are gentle pastels like mint green, sky blue, pinks and creamy yellows, psychologists say children like -and thrive- around primary colors.

Safety is a Must!

  • Be sure to child proof all locks and outlets.
  • Anchor furniture, so you’re sure it won’t accidentally tip over.
  • Avoid using space heaters.
  • Check on “hand me down” products to be sure they haven’t been recalled and are in good, safe working order.

Create a Room Your Child Can “Grow Into”!

Select furniture that will grow with your child. For instance, a baby armoire is a great idea for storing those precious little clothing items. And once your child ages, this same piece of furniture could easily be converted to a computer desk.

Furniture Arranging Is As Easy As 1 – 2 – 3!

  • Don’t place your crib close to a window, try an inside wall or angle instead.
  • In the beginning, it’s wise to keep your room arrangements simple and functional for YOU!
  • Select furnishings that are as maintenance free as possible.
  • Remember, your baby will be growing by leaps and bounds! Don’t forget to look for furniture that will grow as your child grows.
  • As in all decorating, start with the largest areas first – your walls and floor
  • A rocking chair is a great addition to any nursery’s floor plan.
  • Allow for plenty of light in the room. A ceiling light is not enough, so consider adding lamps at the bedside or on the walls.

Windows, Walls, And Floors – Oh My!

  • Wonderful Windows! Break Away Tassels are a must on all alternative window products. Room darkening treatments topped with a fun, light hearted, thematic top treatment might just help insure a good night’s sleep for your newborn.
  • Whimsical Walls! Have fun with wallcovering! A light-hearted border applied over neutral walls will give your nursery its own personality. When painting your walls be sure to use washable paint. Try adding a few cheerful pictures to continue your room’s theme.
  • Fabulous Flooring! From braided area rugs to rugs featuring light hearted colorful patterns, this great and practical accent will not only help warm your nursery area, but will also add that whimsical touch.