A hundred thousand welcomes is a traditional Gaelic blessing that is used to greet visitors when they enter the Emerald Isle of beautiful Ireland. But the warmth and friendliness of the locals is just one reason this country is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination. If this is the year you want to experience the proverbial “luck of the Irish”  here are the top five reasons you will be delighted on your enchanting adventure through Ireland.

1. Castles

Irish castles exude the romantic and magical feel of this beautiful country.  Some castles have been converted into hotels giving visitors a short taste of the royal life.

2. Guinness And The Local Pub Scene

There is no escaping the opportunity to raise a pint or two when visiting Ireland. In fact, the Guinness Storehouse and Brewery are a must see destination for every tourist. And, of course, the local pub culture is legendary. Irish hospitality and delicious lagers combine to make everyone want to visit the neighborhood pubs.

3. Breathtaking Scenery

Ireland’s scenery is magnificent and untouched. The list of postcard-worthy landscapes is endless–from the rugged cliffs of the coastline to the beautiful green countryside.

4. Irish Cuisine

Once jokingly referred to as the land of the potato, the culinary scene in Ireland has now blossomed into a true foodie paradise. Traditional dishes like cabbage and Irish stew are being reimagined and Ireland is quickly becoming a “must-dine” destination.

5. Dublin

The capital city offers something for everyone. No longer a dull and drab destination, Dublin is a bustling metropolis complete with culture, art, beautiful architecture and a great vibe. (And, of course, great pubs!)

There are many ways to visit Ireland and a large number of direct flights from the states that last just six hours. A good travel professional will be able to connect you to the best travel plan for you and your budget.