Lucky Clays Farm for Corporate Retreats

The Perfect Venue for Your Next Team-Building Event

If you’re searching for a unique space to host your upcoming corporate event, look no further than Lucky Clays Farm. They have amenities, sophistication and style that is sure to satisfy each and every guest that you invite. An added bonus: Lucky Clays offers the largest private residential renewable energy system in the state. For functionality, beauty and an atmosphere of environmental consciousness, they’ll be the place to go for your next social soiree.

Lucky Clays started with the intention and overall mission of achieving and promoting conservation, preservation and a push toward renewable energy. They have luscious surroundings, offering each guest an experience that embodies a return to nature with a modern-day feel. One spectacular attribute that makes this a superior venue is that its founders have achieved a top energy star rating.

Companies who utilize this venue will find that it is quite a business-friendly facility. The main conference center is a substantial 4,800-square-foot two-story space. It has internet and HDMI connection ports plus Blu-ray players, wireless microphones and projectors on each level to reach your expansive audience. There is also the option to separate the space so that different activities can be conducted on both the lower and upper levels depending on the needs for your team-building exercises, PowerPoint presentations, seminars or awards ceremonies. This space also comes with a complete kitchen, should an event require refreshments during meetings. Additionally, the conference facility is surrounded by a wooded area and pond for a serene contemplative work environment sure to enhance productivity.

Their “claim to fame” is their Five Stand and Trap Field. There is such a short list of business conference centers that offer such a unique activity and it provides an opportunity to bask in nature during important business learning and meetings. Time can be scheduled to participate in the challenging clay-shooting sport, regardless of the group’s varying knowledge of shooting. The activity will put your retreat a cut above the rest, offering your guests a memorable experience.

For an overnight stay, Lucky Clays has cottages as well. They are all built on the sustainable and renewable energy theory that Lucky Clays mission is founded upon. Names such as “The Angler,” “The Covey” and “The Meadow” personify the laid back intention of the properties and the lingering feeling of a connection with clean energy and nature that your guests are sure to enjoy. With open floor plans and easy access to Wi-Fi, the cottages offer a great place for reflection after daily meetings. The serene surroundings work to help guests relax and review the concepts they’ve learned in an environment designed to promote positive contemplation without information overload.

Lucky Clays is the “it” spot for business events offering an exciting and informative convention to be remembered. The coordinators will make your event planning a breeze while offering the best facilities and attractions around. If your goal is to have healthy, successful team building and a strong core family of employees and staff, try Lucky Clays Farm for the 3 R’s: Reinforcement, re-building and relaxation!