It’s official! We’re in the thick of it–the holiday season that is, and with it comes an overabundance of food and the hope for the gift of willpower. We find ourselves in food situations unlike the rest of the year–potlucks, special events, cookie swaps and more. While getting together with friends and family are some of the joys of the season, the food focus and ease of access could deter our best laid plans to stay fit and healthy. So how can you tackle these challenges with confidence and avoid the holiday gain? Follow these helpful tips to keep your intake in check.

  1. Continue to move. Don’t let your time off deter you from your normal physical activity routine. Keep this routine as consistent as possible. Regular movement will keep you in a ‘healthier’ mindset.
  2. Stay hydrated with water. There are lots of fun holiday drinks and cocktails to enjoy throughout the season. Do enjoy, but in moderation. Be sure to have at least one cup of water between each adult beverage you consume.
  3. Be a part of the action. Be sure to take a dish to your next event and make it a healthy option that you enjoy. Then you’ll know there will be at least one wise option. You’d be surprised at how many others will be thankful you did so too!
  4. Survey the scene and prioritize. Too many options to count? Planning to have it all?! Pause. Survey the scene and plan on consuming just those items that are very special to you and that will help build a balanced plate. That means you need to hunt down those fruits and veggies. Don’t even bother with dishes that don’t tickle your fancy just because they’re there.

You can do this!