Allergenuity Health is a new allergy clinic in Charlotte that offers a coveted high-quality, personalized and direct care option for allergy care in the community involving a progressive type of immunotherapy treatment. Seeing an allergy specialist can be beneficial for those suffering with allergy symptoms and an evaluation from an allergist can provide crucial information about a person’s individualized allergens in addition to available treatment plans. While each type of allergy test provides valuable information, it also has important limits. This is why it is essential the tests are interpreted by an allergist.

So what sets Allergenuity Health apart?

At Allergenuity Health, a great amount of focus is put on deepening doctor-patient relationships. Practice Executive, James Schroeder, and his team offer longer consultation appointments so that the patient’s questions can be explained and understood about medical conditions and treatment options.

Allergenuity Health also takes care of patients between appointments. When it comes to quick medical questions that arise between appointments or anytime, James Schroeder and his team will make sure you get an answer directly from your doctor. Also, your allergy care is determined by you and your doctor because Allergenuity Health is not contracted with any insurance company or large employer.

Allergenuity Health offers a personalized Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT or allergy drops) treatment plan that uses traditional and innovative methods to work towards your specific goals. This treatment plan has been used successfully for decades in Europe, but sparsely in the United States due to the lack of allergists exposed and trained on how to use the treatment. Allergenuity Health’s physician, Dr. Nikhila Schroeder is a board-certified allergist who has pursued SLIT for many years and is passionate about making this type of treatment available to everyone in the U.S. 

Price transparency is one of Allergenuity Health’s biggest focal points, so their website displays the cost of their services and offers affordable payment plan programs. Thanks to Allergenuity Health’s unique approach and specialized care, they are already seeing patients within the greater Charlotte area as well as twelve other states. For more information, visit their website or call 704.750.0461.