Dawn Talley is the owner of Mainstream Boutique at Waverly, South Charlotte’s new retail destination space. Dawn chose Waverly as the location for her boutique because it was a new neighborhood with a traditional air.  

Dawn made the decision to open her boutique after working for 28 years in the corporate business world.

“You get one trip around the sun, and it was time for a change. Our children were grown, and my husband was very supportive, so why not go for it?”

Dawn says she enjoys running the business because she loves fashion and building relationships with the women who come into the store.

To achieve this goal, Dawn and her accommodating staff of stylists strive to greet every customer who walks through the door. A priority is placed on learning more about each customer—relationships are first and foremost! Dawn’s philosophy is that the more they know about each client, the better equipped they are to assist that individual with their personalized needs. Her belief is, “you get what you give.”

Based on the firm bonds of trust and friendship among Mainstream Boutique’s clients and the six stylists who collaborate with each of them, the stylists are able to create a complete ensemble that embodies the spirit of the woman wearing it.

It is important that the clothes reflect the woman because as Dawn notes, “Our clothes won’t change the world, but the women who wear them will.”

Mainstream Boutique prides itself on offering multi-generational fashions, clothing styles that are trendy yet timeless and appeal to mothers and their daughters. Mainstream Boutique is also inclusive, carrying its fashion brands in a variety of sizes from extra small to extra large and sizes 0–16.

To maintain the rarity of the Mainstream Boutique experience and uphold the highest standards of quality Dawn and Mainstream Corporate enforce, the boutique represents a handful of top-shelf labels including Charlie B, Clara Sun Woo, Liverpool, Jag, Kut and Papillon. The Mac and Me line, a signature Mainstream Boutique brand, is featured with its emphasis on very detailed stitching, the use of soft fabrics and clothing that gives a lot of stretch without becoming baggy. Items are available in limited quantities.

Dawn and the stylists at Mainstream Boutique pride themselves on customer service, and special orders can be placed as the boutique has access to more than 85 Mainstream Boutiques around the country. Every effort will be made to find the item of your choice in your size if it is not currently in stock. It will be placed on the boutique’s special order list, and you will be notified when your piece arrives. Mainstream Boutique also ships orders across the U.S.