Large-scale change can be daunting, especially when it comes to changing your life. When you break it down by simply trying to “win the day,” things become much easier. Simple routines that we can follow on a day-to-day basis become automatic habits and help us lead a better life. Dr. Alicia Brown and her team at Better Brain and Body help you live your better life through cutting-edge, non-invasive neurological rehabilitation technologies that treat the root cause of neurological dysfunctions.

When it comes to complex conditions like spinal cord injuries, strokes, traumatic brain injuries as well as more common conditions like chronic pain, sports injuries, arthritis, anxiety, fatigue, depression and ADD/ADHD, millions of Americans suffer. Too many times these conditions are overlooked and not treated with the attention and proper care that is needed. Dr. Brown and Better Brain and Body use state-of-the-art research and techniques to find the cause of your dysfunction and help you live a better life.

They start by taking a comprehensive assessment that includes a detailed history of your health, an extensive neurological exam and diagnostic lab tests. This helps Dr. Brown and her team finalize the root cause of your dysfunction. Once a conclusion has been made, they support your body with detailed nutritional, chiropractic and functional neurological support to increase brain and body function, ultimately helping you lead an all-around better life!

Dr. Brown’s Five Tips for Women’s Health:

1. Know where you’re at. Baseline testing for your brain includes a functional neurological exam, functional lab tests, and in many cases, food sensitivity testing. Once you know what areas of the brain may be functioning at less than optimal and what specific dietary and supplemental requirements you need, you can work with a professional to start optimizing your brain and body.

2. Define your purpose, and set goals to reach it. Defining the one thing you love to do, you are good at and adds value to the world, then setting goals to make a living doing that thing is the key to living an optimal life.

3. Build a social network. Spending time with girlfriends reduces stress and builds confidence. There are many networking groups and meet-ups in Charlotte that would love to have you (though it may take a few visits to choose the right one for you.)

4. Practice self-care. Whether it’s a few minutes meditating, exercising regularly or a day at the spa, take time to hit the reset button and prevent getting burnt out.

5. Hire a coach. There are many different coaches out there ready to support you where you are, whether you are trying to get healthy, seeking out the next step in your life or very successful and looking to get to the very top. Having someone you can talk to about your dreams and knowing they will hold you accountable for achieving them is priceless.