Modern Couples Consult Attorneys Before Marriage

As America approaches its 250th year of existence, Americans are choosing to be more selective about who they marry, when and how.

Census figures from November 2018 show that the median age of an American individual’s first marriage is now nearly 30 for men and 28 for women, up from 27 and 25 in 2003. At the same time, more Americans are living together before marriage. The long-touted statistic that 50 percent of marriages end in divorce has changed as well: Today, only about 39 percent of marriages end in divorce.

What do these trends mean for American couples?

As American couples wait longer to get married and cohabitate before doing so, the decision to tie the knot is increasingly collaborative in nature. Couples of today take more time to learn about each other than couples of the past. This extra learning yields lasting, positive results for married couples.

Further, we have reached a point in time where entering into a prenuptial agreement is no longer seen as “planning to fail.” Motorists who buy car insurance are not “planning to wreck;” rather they are simply protecting themselves and their passengers from unexpected bumps in the road. Similarly, couples who sign prenuptial agreements are simply protecting themselves in the event of the unthinkable.

The decision to marry is likely the biggest business decision an individual will make in his or her lifetime. The marriage contract fundamentally changes the property rights and financial obligations of the parties to a marriage. These changes often become apparent far too late. As family law attorneys, our goal is to embrace modern couples’ increased willingness to spend time and energy preparing for marriage. This is why our firm, Coggin Law, PLLC, offers couples considering marriage a comprehensive Pre-Marital Consultation.

Our Pre-Marital Consultation provides couples a forum in which they can meet with an experienced attorney to learn about the rights, obligations and liabilities which accrue upon entering the marriage contract. We perform a careful and thoughtful review of the assets, debts and goals of each couple we meet, with special attention to the drastic ways in which North Carolina’s marriage laws will affect the couple and their property.

We also help couples decide whether a prenuptial agreement is in their best interest. This helps them stay on the right side of the trend of extra learning by educating them from the beginning, rather than informing them after the fact.

If you and your partner are considering marriage or are simply eager to learn, visit or call us at 704.376.1066 to inquire about a Pre-Marital Consultation today.