Queen City’s Premier Dry Cleaners

Martinizing Dry Cleaning offers a full range of services from typical dry cleaning to shoe repair, cleaning of household items, leather cleaning, wedding gown preservation and home laundry. The company’s foundational focus is to provide quality customer service and convenience.

“Customer service really boils down to communicating with the customer to find out what their needs are,” says Kyle Panther, owner of Charlotte’s Martinizing location. “Sometimes it may involve a stain they need removed, special care for an heirloom or needing something quicker than our normal turnaround time.  Whenever a customer’s garment requires it, we will pick up the phone and call the customer to talk about the best plan to clean their garment. Customers really value that we take the time to talk to them and have a comfort level with us because of those conversations.”

Martinizing Dry Cleaning offers free pickup and delivery from uptown south to the Maxhaw, Weddington and Matthews areas. The company also offers on-demand pickup and deliveries through an app and 24/7 locker services for convenience. 

The Martinizing concept was created by Henry Martin in 1949. Prior to his idea, dry cleaning plants would use highly flammable solvents for cleaning and had to be stationed far away from populated areas. Patrons would deliver their items to a drop store, and the materials would be transported to the cleaning plant before being returned, sometimes up to a week or more later. Martin introduced his revolutionary plan, naming it “One Hour Martinizing,” by using a nonflammable solvent to bring the cleaning back to city limits. As his business evolved, he became “Martinizing Dry Cleaning.” In 2014 the Martinizing brand was purchased by the Huntington Group based in Berkley, Michigan. Now there are more than400 franchises internationally.

Associates performing the cleaning and pressing have more than 100 years of experience and are always available for help with unusual garments or questions. Charlotte’s Martinizing Dry Cleaning is located in Dilworth at 1408 E. Blvd.