Leader of ShelfGenie, the Top Name in Custom Shelving and Home Storage Solutions

ShelfGenie CEO Andy Pittman has a long history with the organization, having first joined the company as a franchisee in 2009. Seven years later, Andy became the chief operating officer and last year, he took the helm of the organization as CEO. Andy continues as a franchisee owner and explains that being a franchise partner makes him a better CEO because there really isn’t much that the company franchise owners experience that he hasn’t faced himself.

In fact, Andy was among the earliest franchisee owners to join ShelfGenie, the leading home improvement and custom shelving franchise in the nation, when the company first began offering franchise opportunities 10 years ago. While he is proud of all the organization has accomplished thus far in the fragmented shelving, storage and home improvement industry, Andy sees an optimistic and expansive future for ShelfGenie.

“I still think there is huge potential for ShelfGenie. I think over the next two to four years, we can easily double the number of territories we’re in,” he says.

ShelfGenie Storage Solutions and Customizable Shelving

ShelfGenie has set itself apart from its competitors by offering its clients innovative and customizable shelving and storage solutions. ShelfGenie can help you in organizing any room in your home, be it the kitchen, pantry, bathroom, home office or garage, with its proprietary Glide-Out shelving, a high-quality, custom-designed storage solution available only from ShelfGenie.

Custom-built to the millimeter to fit into your existing cabinetry, each ShelfGenie Glide-Out shelf is constructed of Baltic birch and finished with furniture-quality hardwood or melamine. Glide-Out shelves move easily, at the touch of a finger, and thanks to their sturdy construction, each shelf can bear up to 100 pounds in weight and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

“When the interior of your kitchen is beautiful, and things are easier to find, you experience more joy in your own home,” says Lisa McLeod, a ShelfGenie client.

The Design Process

With ShelfGenie, the design process is a personal but simple one. Your personal designer will schedule a time to come to your home and discuss your storage needs and design tastes. Based on these discussions and an assessment of your storage and cabinet space needs, a custom-designed solution will be drawn up for you then and there, with no obligation to you. Upon your approval of the design, ShelfGenie will create and install your unique, expertly crafted storage solution.

Andy is uniquely qualified to lead ShelfGenie as the company continues to expand. In his dual role as CEO and franchisee, he has invested much into the success of the organization. Andy has illustrated leadership as an active member of the ShelfGenie Franchise Advisory Council. In addition, the commitment Andy and his team have to quality and superb customer service has received recognition, with him twice being named Franchisee of the Year.

“When the interior of your kitchen is beautiful, and things are easier to find, you experience more joy in your own home.” –Lisa McLeod, ShelfGenie client