Kids + Pets: What’s Not to Love? 1

As summer draws to end and nights that were spent around the campfire roasting marshmallows become all too quickly replaced by quiet evenings preparing for school the next morning, it’s easy to feel melancholy as we bid this sunny season farewell. While the days of sitting poolside outstretched on a lounge chair are quickly dwindling, the dawn of August brings more than a change in season.

As the squeal of brakes fill your neighborhood when the school bus makes its rounds, halting to pick up every doe-eyed child with their brand-new school attire, a change of pace begins. You launder the beach towels and return them to their shelves in the linen closet where they’ll remain until next year and begin planning your errands around the school traffic patterns.

But with a new change in pace brings new routines and new opportunities. A sense of renewal fills the air. Whether you’re 50 or you’re 5, back-to-school season affects those all around the community. And because of that, we have dedicated our August issue to some of our cutest residents: kids and pets!

Within these pages, we bring you an incredible article about a local nonprofit organization that makes one little girl’s dream come true. We’ve also interviewed two exceptional and determined young adults who are creating their own destiny and making waves in the community.

But that’s just a little sneak peek. You’ll have to delve deeper into our pages to read everything we have compiled for you in this issue.

And I can’t forget to mention the beautiful baby boy we have featured above. Jamie is our publisher, Lyn’s, 10-month-old step-grandson.

Cheers to another wonderful month ahead, South Charlotte. We hope to see you around!

Emily Shea, Editorial Coordinator