It’s All About YOU

Whether you’re about to begin a decorating project or are in the midst of one, it’s a good idea to take stock and consider the following questions:

Your Guide to Giving Back

With our hearts and bellies full, this season is the perfect time to share that plenty with others—but it can be difficult to choose who, how, or where. That’s why we’ve compiled our Giving Back Guide. These nonprofits, all locally-based, work directly in our own community, improving the lives of those who need it most, especially during this season. Thanks…

Game Room Gift Guide

There are many sounds we associate with the holidays: the curplunk of a pool ball falling into a corner pocket, the swishing grate of shuffleboard pucks, the raucous cheer following the final swing of a ping-pong paddle. It’s the sound of a game room—not the traditional bells and ho-ho-hos—that we prefer to hear around the holidays. 

Meet Your Farmers

The name “Jamie Swofford” is one you’ll find ringing in the ears and around the kitchens of many Charlotte chefs. The farmer’s son-turned-chef-turned farmer is firmly rooted in these Carolina soils and palates, his intentionality and curation in the field a reflection of his old career.

Farm to Food Truck

The Charlotte food truck scene has every corner and craving covered, but only a handful of trucks use locally sourced ingredients. These three food truck chefs are bringing local produce, meat and vegetables to the streets of Charlotte.

Farm to Finery

We’re all familiar with the idea of farm to table—but what about farm to finery? In an era when sourcing locally and sustainably is a cultural and culinary bulwark, what does that mean for other industries sourced from things grown in our rich Carolina soils or grazed on our grasses? For Mike and Shelly Walsh, it means a lot.

Welcome Home

Charlotte is no longer a simple Southern city, and neither is her real estate. Luxury homes in the Queen City aren’t just the staid colonials of yore (although those are certainly still around and as classically grand as ever), they’re modernized and personalized houses that truly redefine the meaning of “home.” Whether they stand in tradition or solidly in modernity,…

Not Your Grandmother’s Wallpaper

Wallpaper and wallcoverings are making a comeback in home and office interiors. Despite wallpaper’s grandmotherly leanings, designers are using these old-fashioned accents in new ways to add drama, energy, texture, shine, nature or other sophisticated touches to any room.

Bringing the Indoors Out

For decades designers have heralded the merits of “bringing the outdoors in.” Splashy wallpapers decked in tropical leaves, botanical prints, verdant green fabrics and paints and accents—trends pulled from the outdoors have been tacked on inspiration boards for years.

Barber to the Stars

These days, professional athletes aren’t just known for their physical abilities. It’s not just about how high they can jump or how fast they can run, and their fame isn’t limited to courts and fields. Today’s professional athletes are something much more: trendsetters. On magazine covers and gossip blogs, in reality television and social media stories, these new-age celebrities are…