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 Article Emily Glaser | Photography Destiny Johnson  THE MENTOR  Kandi W. Deitemeyer, Ed.D., President, Central Piedmont Community College

Ladies Trip to Charleston

 Article Wesley Brown  When you imagine getting away with your girls, one destination comes to mind: the beach. Add to that culture, nightlife, and one of the best food scenes in the country, and you get the best lady getaway around: Charleston.  Charleston’s draw has long been multi-faceted. Picturesque scenery, including sweeping beaches and streets dotted with structured palmettos, sets…

DIY Duotone Statement Earrings

Shake up your jewelry box with these handmade geometric earrings— perfect for yourself or as a gift for your best ladies Article and Photography Nicolette Martin Piece by Piece Use both your bent nose forceps and needle nose pliers to secure each end of the jump ring. Gently twist the jump ring to open the … Continued

Blue Ridge Mountain High

Like all good views, Max Patch sits at the apex of an almost unnavigable gravel drive. The treaded tires of your four-wheel-drive will scrabble to gain traction among the divets and gullies of Max Patch Road; your knuckles will whiten against the black leather of your steering wheel; the narrow stretch of gravel will seem to stretch on endlessly into…

Out of the Woods

 What’s green, brown and an integral piece of Charlotte’s future?  Trees.   These gentle giants may seem like an easy piece of the Queen City’s elaborate puzzle—after all, they line our curving streets and fill our parks with dappled shade in summer and colorful, crinkling piles of leaves in fall—but the role of trees is actually a complex one that requires…

Beet It!

Beets get a bad rep’. The colorful roots maintain notoriety as earthily piquant, but that’s not necessarily the case, according to Burtons Grill & Bar chef Ray Girman and reformed tastebuds across the city. 

In the Neighborhood

We all recognize, and many of us love, the Charlotte skyline: peaked skyscrapers that stand in silhouette against a Carolina blue sky. 

Events Made Easy

With the weather warming up and weddings, spring flings, and tea parties on the horizon, we like to refer to spring by another name: event season.


I know: You’re tired of looking at that same furniture arrangement. Or perhaps the wallcovering in the guest bathroom has seen better days. Maybe now is the very best time to give your space a fresh new lift! Here are a few decorating ideas that you should consider.

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