Healthy Holidays

It’s official! We’re in the thick of it–the holiday season that is, and with it comes an overabundance of food and the hope for the gift of willpower. We find ourselves in food situations unlike the rest of the year–potlucks, special events, cookie swaps and more. While getting together with friends and family are some of the joys of the season, the food…

Professional Says with Kelly Rains Jesson

As an estate planning attorney, I prepare the standard end-of-life documents that many people are familiar with, like wills and trusts, which primarily focus on distributing property.  But did you know that another large part of my job is helping my clients plan for healthcare situations?  

Five Questions About Your Estate Plan

"My situation is very simple. I just want to make sure that if something happens to one of us, the other gets everything. If something happens to both of us, the kids get everything." It's the classic opening. Estate planners hear it every week.