A Guide to Getting Away with Your Girls

 Article Roni Fishkin  One of the fastest growing trends in the travel industry is the “girlfriend getaway.” Recent travel industry studies show 25% of American women have taken a girls trip in the last few years—and that number is expected to double by next year. Here are some great ideas to get away for some R&R with your gal pals!…

Get Dirty

Spring has officially sprung, and that means the garden gurus at Blackhawk Hardware's Garden Center are busy helping folks plant, preen and prune all season long. We tapped Lawn & Garden manager Wade Goode and Garden Center assistant manager Emily Galloway to share their picks for the growing season ahead.  


I know: You’re tired of looking at that same furniture arrangement. Or perhaps the wallcovering in the guest bathroom has seen better days. Maybe now is the very best time to give your space a fresh new lift! Here are a few decorating ideas that you should consider.

Guide to Organic

Hormone free, grass-fed, non-GMOs, and pesticide-free are just some of the organic jargon at supermarkets, farmers markets and local restaurants across Charlotte—but who really knows what these labels mean and whether or not those extra pennies on the price tag are justifiable?

Locally Made & Locally Gave

The lights are sparkling on the tree, a classic crooner is caroling Christmas tunes through the speakers, something sugary and homemade is sending its scent through the house. Your sister, your husband, your son sits bathed in the candlelit glow of early morning, their fingers tugging at the carefully tied bow, and from out of the box they pull… a…

Farm to Food Truck

The Charlotte food truck scene has every corner and craving covered, but only a handful of trucks use locally sourced ingredients. These three food truck chefs are bringing local produce, meat and vegetables to the streets of Charlotte.

Getaway Bag

Fashion may be fun, but it can pose a challenge every day as we stare listlessly into full closets. Now imagine the difficulties of choosing what to wear for an entire week before it even begins! Packing for a vacation can unsettle even the most confident fashionista. But don’t fret—we’ve packed your bags for a cruise vacation.

A Perfect Pair

Ever wonder how chefs and sommeliers craft that perfect wine pairing menu? According to Mark at Petit Philippe, some of it is science, but much of it is art. He believes there are fundamentally two ways to approach the task. Here’s his approachable guide for your own wine pairing.

Hey Charlotte, What’s that Sound?

As if we needed another reason to love summer in the South, the warmer weather brings live music all throughout the city, transforming our favorite parks and plazas into musical landscapes. Here are some great outdoor concerts we’ll be tuning into.

Steak Done Well (Not Well Done)

Grilling season is here and nothing tastes better—or feels better to cook—than a good steak. Preparing that favored meat well proves your position as the official grill master. It might be intimidating, but with a few tips you won’t be afraid to fire up the grill and feast. Here are the four simple steps to grilling a steakhouse quality steak: