Past & Present

There’s just something romantic about historical Southern architecture. Palatial estates flanked by tall, white columns bring to mind sunny afternoons spent lounging in sunshine, mint julep and croquet mallet in hand. 

A Vintage Love Story

It’s a love story. Boy meets girl, they fall in love, start a business and a family. But it’s another kind of love story, too. A love for wine, and for the mountains of North Carolina. It was in those mountains that Steve and Sally Tatum met and married almost 40 years ago. The duo opened furniture and interior design…

Get Lucky

At the other side of those hundreds of acres sits Lucky Clays Fresh, an impressive aquaponic farming venture. A recirculating aquaculture system incorporates large tanks that include a variety of fish species and dozens of raised beds, rife with leafy greens and herbs, into one ecofriendly farming system. Lucky Clays Fresh, which distributes to restaurants around the region like Kindred,…

Big Day, Big Easy

It’s a classic for a reason. This anti-aging facial stimulates collagen synthesis using local brand Privai’s all-natural, vitamin-rich serums. Your therapist customizes the treatment to your skin type—oily or dry, acne-prone or aged. For enhancements, try the Collagen Face Mask, which will leave your face feeling moisturized long after the ceremony.

Road Rules

You'll often see author and travel expert Tamela Rich on the morning news shows. She merrily chats with her hosts about the varieties of cornbread she sampled at the National Cornbread Festival in Tennessee, recommends car games to parents that will help them keep their kids occupied on long road trips, and gives two thumbs up to women thinking of…

Expedition Cruising

There are people who love to vacation in big, bustling cities or spend time in ancient historical destinations.  Then, there are those that have an inner explorer, and are waiting to head somewhere far away and be part of a breathtaking experience in a remote corner of the world.

Travel Trend

Hey, South Charlotte! Thanks for coming back to check out this month's featured vacation option. If you're looking for something that's great fun and education for the entire family, the Galapagos Islands are a great place to start!

Travel Trend

Ask almost anyone about their dream destinations and Hawaii never fails to make the short list. The beautiful landscape of beaches and volcanoes combine with the fresh, fragrant tropical breeze to create a desirable vacation spot for everyone. In addition, the ease of traveling without needing a passport, changing currency or navigating a language barrier makes the idea of travel…

Culinary Tourism

The growing travel trend of culinary tourism gives travelers a chance to combine their love of eating and drinking – with their passion for globetrotting. Culinary tourism has grown in popularity since it first emerged in the early 2000’s and has allowed foodies the opportunity to enjoy new destinations while indulging in local or regional cuisines and wines. The exponential…


It's no wonder river cruising has become the hottest and fastest growing trend in travel. The opportunity offers a destination-immersive and intimate experience. Whether you are looking for culture, relaxation or education, it's hard to beat the river cruise options all over the globe. Travelers are flocking to this new way of experiencing the beauty of the smaller waterways of…