Saluting Individuality

Happy July, South Charlotte readers! Naturally, we are excited to wish you a high-spirited Fourth of July and hope to see you experience all the great benefits of our freedom in this great city of ours. Could there be a better place to be this summer? We think not...

Around Town

Patrice Hawkins, owner of The Hawkins Team-Decorating Den Interiors franchise and Master License in Charlotte, was named 2015 Field Manager of the Year by Jim Bugg, Jr., president and chief executive of the company, which is North America’s largest interior design and home furnishings franchise company. “This award recognizes Patrice’s outstanding mentoring, which has led to significant growth in her…

Not Just for Kids

When you hear Discovery Place, you probably think of a bunch of kids running around but on the third Friday of each month, Discovery Place hosts “Science on The Rocks”, an evening packed with science learning for adults. Appropriately titled, this 21+ event mixes adult beverages with science. With games, music, activities, and lots of fun, this monthly event is…

Marcy Gregg – The Next Chapter

Charlotte artist, Marcy Gregg, doesn’t remember much before going into a coma. 26 years ago, Gregg had just given birth to her third child. During delivery, she had a severe sinus infection leading to a rare but severe case of bacterial spinal meningitis that left her in what seemed like a deep and futile coma.

Runway Dogs

Myth Buster: Canada Geese are no longer migratory birds. Canada Geese is their species name. These are Charlotte resident birds. The water doesn’t freeze and there is grass year long for them to graze on so these Geese have no reason to migrate.

South Charlotte Breaks Fitness Records

Nearly 2,000 participants attended the Guinness World Record-breaking event held at STAX Bootcamp in South End, helping Charlotte claim two world records (sit-up and push-ups) and ramp up towards next year's attempt at becoming the Word's Fittest City. Photography by Deatric Smith.

Grill Master

STOP! Don’t run to that big box store for a grill (yet). To master the fire you first need to have good equipment. Be as selective in buying a grill as you are buying all of your kitchen appliances. Your guests, taste buds, and wallet will thank you for it. Best of all you can do it with 5 simple…

Travel Trend

Hey, South Charlotte! Thanks for coming back to check out this month's featured vacation option. If you're looking for something that's great fun and education for the entire family, the Galapagos Islands are a great place to start!