End of Summer Blues…and Reds, and Greens, and Yellows

It certainly has been a hot one, as you all know, and fortunately the activity around South Charlotte neighborhoods is just as hot. To celebrate the close of summer and beginning of fall, we're dedicating this issue to growth and renewal. We encourage you to kick back and enjoy as we take a look at folks who are working hard…

Great Strides

Thousands of Charlotte residents came out for this year's Great Strides Walk on May 21st. Great Strides is the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s largest national fundraising event. Each year, more than 125,000 people participate in hundreds of walks across the country to support the Foundation’s mission to cure cystic fibrosis.

Around Town

Boardroom Advisory Group, LLC, a unique provider of executive branding services, announced in May that Caleb Van Voorhis has become an affiliate of the company as a Executive Advisor of Video Production. Caleb has a strong track record producing video at notable companies such as The Walt Disney Company and Red Bull.

Giving Your Children a Healthy Start in the Queen City

When we make smart food choices and participate in a healthy amount of physical activity, we feel better. It’s a simple equation, and it applies to children just the same. Healthy, active children are known to perform better academically, be less susceptible to peer pressure, and experience far fewer illnesses throughout childhood. While modern parents may not feel as comfortable…

Outdoor Cooking…Really?

When you think of cooking, it's hard not to immediately picture your dream kitchen, probably something big and fancy, maybe the highlight of your dream house. But what if you don't have that dream kitchen just yet, or you're entertaining a large group? What about when you just want to change it up?

Beauty Boost

White Diamond Medical Clinic and Spa combines owner and head practitioner, Dr. Joy E. White’s, extensive knowledge of procedure and patient care, a soothing office, and a menu full of the latest facial enhancement and skin rejuvenation, and anti-aging services. The clinic and spa also offers primary medical care services to help patients reach optimal health while also assisting them…

From Drab to Fab

How can The Hawkins Team at Decorating Den Interiors help you update your home with current trends, competitively priced, all within your timeline and budget?

Theory Design Studio – Grand Opening

Theory Design Studio of South Charlotte opened their doors to an eager and enthusiastic public for a huge turnout in June. 
Photography provided by Theory Design Studio.

Expedition Cruising

There are people who love to vacation in big, bustling cities or spend time in ancient historical destinations.  Then, there are those that have an inner explorer, and are waiting to head somewhere far away and be part of a breathtaking experience in a remote corner of the world.

The Differentiator

As an executive branding, marketing and 4K HD Video interview company, Boardroom Advisory Group helps experts position themselves as an “authority" in their respective industry to strengthen credibility and communicate a “Trust Factor” optimizing their business and personal brand.