January 2017 Lifestyle Letter

Happy New Year, South Charlotte Lifestyle community! If you’re anything like us, you’re excited to be starting out fresh in the Queen City this 2017! Naturally, we've dedicated this January issue to the spirit of renewal with a nod to health and wellness.

January 2017 Around Town

Basketball fans know the name Eric “Sleepy” Floyd. The Gaston County native, Georgetown All-American and NBA All-Star, built a lauded career on the court, but it’s the work he’s doing now that he wants the Charlotte community to know about.

Charlotte STAX Up for Fitness

If you've been on the South Charlotte Fitness scene at all in the last year, you probably know all about STAX Bootcamp and the extra buzz they are building right here in Charlotte. We caught up with Emily "Breeze" Watson and the crew to catch the action and get a few insider tips on staying in motion.


What does luxury mean to you? For some it’s simply having the time to relax and unplug. For others, its fine wine and food served in beautiful surroundings. And for others still, it’s unforgettable experiences in the world’s most incredible destinations.

Fit and Fashionable

If you keep up with the latest trends, you may have noticed that the fitness industry is having a huge impact on fashion. Not only does fitness fashion bring comfort to your everyday routine, it also promotes healthy lifestyles. Whether or not you’re a fitness junkie, the trend of wearing active wear both inside and outside of the gym is…

We’ve Got the Goods!

Eating healthy is always a good idea, even though it isn't always a convenient one. Whether it's the challenge of juggling work and getting your kids to extra curricular activities or just a busy day filled with an endless list of errands, you still need to eat. Don’t rely on fast food or frozen meals to get you through your…

Sleeping Beauty

Serene, luxurious, romantic and welcoming are just a few words that describe the ideal master bedroom. These are the characteristics everyone should feel in their personal space of a bedroom and we strive to give our clients just that.

The Morning Ritual

Who enjoys waking up in the morning? How many people set their alarms to the last possible minute allowable to get to work on time? And further, because “waking up” can be such a hurdle, how does this set your attitude and outlook for the rest of the day?

Wellness At Your Door

When was the last time your physician’s office staff told you that you could be seen immediately? For most people, that is an extremely rare occurrence, if they have ever experienced it at all. Instead, you’re greeted by an automated phone tree, and when you do finally hear a human voice, you’re instructed to “please hold.” It’s certainly not ideal,…