April 2017 Lifestyle Letter

My earliest memories take place in the garden. Picking crimson raspberries warmed by the summer sun. Rinsing the wrinkled bodies of carrots in the cool pool of a watering can. The floral push of a lily's scent. Roly polies and earth worms.

McColl Studio Party

Over 70 works of art were sold at McColl's Studio Party 2017, the profits from which directly benefit the artists and McColl's artist residency program. Photography by Mert Jones for McColl Center for Art + Innovation

Humane League Gala

The Humane League held a celebratory evening to honor the local office’s fourth year of operations in Charlotte and the groundbreaking progress for animals over the past year. The gala celebrated Charlotte’s monumental efforts to reduce animal suffering with local brews, cocktails, vegan treats, inspiring speakers and a silent auction. Photography by Jordan Black and Mason Link.

April 2017 Around Town

Many of us struggled with math as kids, but just imagine those challenges paired with the difficulties of poverty. Heart Math Tutoring is a local nonprofit that helps students in high-poverty elementary schools around CMS develop vital math skills and academic confidence, in large part through volunteer tutoring by Charlotte’s young professionals. According to the results of EOG testing, 56…

High to Low

Kids’ styles are constantly changing, but don’t think you have to spend big to look good. The wall art in this pretty purple girl’s room is a perfect fusion of high-end and homemade. Adding a special creation from a child makes the room its own, plus it’s a great way to showcase their personal design talent. Another balance of dollar…

The Answer is “Yes”

I'm often asked, “What should we doing when it comes to our online strategy? Should we concentrate on social media, Adwords, SEO, landing pages, YouTube video or all of the above?” My answer is always the same: “Yes.” I get the same puzzled look. Then I ask a question. “What would you like to accomplish with your digital marketing strategy?”…

Giving Back With Gardens

“Everything goes back to the soil,” says Jillian Hishaw, Founder & Executive Director of F.A.R.M.S. The nonprofit focuses on helping small farmers in low income or rural communities succeed and thrive by providing legal, food bank and education services.

Experience Cuba

Like so many of us familiar with the photos of a forgotten era, I was very curious to experience Cuba firsthand. I had the opportunity to do so recently when American Airlines launched its inaugural non-stop flight from Charlotte to Havana.

What’s in My Garden

Rosalie Holzinger, Master Gardener with Mecklenburg County Extension Service, shares what's budding, blooming and bursting into color in her expansive garden this time of year. "What's normally blooming in April," she repeats with a laugh. "This year, of course, things are different." Our warm spring just means we get to enjoy these sweet blossoms even longer!

Backyard Babysitter

We all remember the joy of childhood summer vacations, wiping popsicle juice from ruddy, sun-stained cheeks and the feel of itchy grass poking between our toes. But as parents, the joys of summer are met with with worries of our children in equal number: How do I keep them entertained? Which sibling will start bickering first? How can I watch…