November 2017 Lifestyle Letter

"Farm-to-table" is, undoubtedly, a buzzword—or rather, buzz-phrase. But what about "farm to finely woven accessories?" Or "farm to to-go box?" These days, local farmers aren't just growing veggies to hock at farmer's markets or box up for trendy eateries. Across the region, locally-grown produce and products are finding new homes in the mouths and on the bodies of Charlotteans. They're…

Panthers Fundraiser for Hurricane Harvey Relief

Carolina Panther and Houston native Fozzy Whittaker called on friends and teammates like Jonathan Stewart and Christian McCaffrey to join him in serving guests at The Cowfish. Donations raised will go directly to Sarah's House, Pearland Neighborhood Center and other Hurricane Harvey victims in Houston.

November 2017 Around Town

The Young Affiliates of the Mint will host their annual signature fundraiser event, Fall Ball 2017: Under the Big Top, on November 10! This year, the signature ball will be a celebration of performance arts in our community with some surprises in store. Dance the night away to live music, dine on heavy hors d'oeuvres, and delight in the spectacular…

Experience of a Lifetime

With the rise of social media, travelers are documenting and sharing their experiences at lightning speed these days. As this phenomenon spreads, so does the desire to find more unique and authentic experiences to share. Where once it was enough to bring home a photo and a souvenir from a trip, now vacationers want intangible experiences that provide memories of…

It’s Easy Being Green

Kermit may have said it’s not easy being green, but we think he was wrong. With so many products and design options available for your home, being “green” can be a relatively easy and environmentally friendly way to create a beautiful room design. From paint to lighting, accessories to fabrics, furniture to wall coverings, being eco-friendly at home has become…

The Night in the City

The Night in the City event was presented by Charlotte Irish Connection and held on September 23rd at The VUE. Guests enjoyed food, drinks, and live Irish music with proceeds benefiting A Child's Place. To learn more about A Child’s Place, visit

Meet Your Farmers

The name “Jamie Swofford” is one you’ll find ringing in the ears and around the kitchens of many Charlotte chefs. The farmer’s son-turned-chef-turned farmer is firmly rooted in these Carolina soils and palates, his intentionality and curation in the field a reflection of his old career.

Adventure Awaits

If adventure awaits, we suggest you find it with the new V90 Cross Country. This cousin of the classic Volvo wagon was meticulously engineered for off-road, breakneck adventure. With 8.2 inches of clearance—2.36 inches more than that aforementioned cousin—the V90 Cross Country is ready for rough roads and big bumps. Add to that higher clearance new tires—softer and rounder for…

Take Back Your Garage

It’s a common malady that starts small. First you put your golf clubs in the corner; next, your power tools take over a dusty shelving unit; then boxes of Christmas decorations find a cobwebbed home on the slick floors. Before you know it, the battle has been lost, and your garage has become a storage unit.

Farm to Food Truck

The Charlotte food truck scene has every corner and craving covered, but only a handful of trucks use locally sourced ingredients. These three food truck chefs are bringing local produce, meat and vegetables to the streets of Charlotte.