Traverse It All 

There’s a trend on the rise in the car industry; gone are the bulky SUVs of yore, replaced with sleek, mid-sized crossovers with hardworking and innovative storage and drive. Leading the pack in 2018 is Chevrolet’s Traverse Premier. 

March 2018 Lifestyle Letter

 What is home?  
It's a question we contemplated often as we prepared this month's Home Issue. It's a place, certainly, but it's also a feeling—that cozy contentment that's evoked when you turn the corner and things look and feel familiar.   "Home," to us, begins the moment we enter our neighborhood and cruise our own street. They say "it takes a village,"…

Third Annual Light the Way Gala

Justice Ministries, a nonprofit serving victims of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation through outreach, emergency services and transitional care, hosted their Third Annual Light The Way Gala to introduce attendees to the organization as well as raise funds for operations.

March 2018 Around Town

According to travel industry experts, a record number of travelers in 2017 will be followed by an even stronger 2018. Charlotte’s Annual Travel & Cruise Show, hosted by Mann Travels, offered attendees free access to hundreds of vacation opportunities, presentations, and exclusive savings on cruises, tours, and more. The event, the largest of its kind in the region, took place on…

In the Neighborhood

We all recognize, and many of us love, the Charlotte skyline: peaked skyscrapers that stand in silhouette against a Carolina blue sky. 

The Toast of the Town

A fig tree serves as both inspiration and metaphor for Elizabeth’s aptly named eatery. Its namesake, four brown turkey fig trees, still stand sentinel over the grounds of the 1913 bungalow-turned-restaurant. Figuratively speaking, the fig tree is a symbol for the both the owners—Chef Greg and wife and general manager Sara Zanitsch, whose roots have grown deep into the Carolina…

Five Ways to Transform Your Garage Floors

Historically, homeowners have paid little attention to their concrete garage floors—but times are changing. As garages expand from two-car to four-car (and larger) slabs of expansive concrete, the attention paid to finishing these spaces has similarly increased.  

Events Made Easy

With the weather warming up and weddings, spring flings, and tea parties on the horizon, we like to refer to spring by another name: event season.

Past & Present

There’s just something romantic about historical Southern architecture. Palatial estates flanked by tall, white columns bring to mind sunny afternoons spent lounging in sunshine, mint julep and croquet mallet in hand. 

Surprises Await 
Travelers to Israel

If Israel is on your list of must-see destinations, you are not alone. The Holy Land welcomed a record number of tourists last year, and expects even more this year to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the modern Israeli state.